Saturday, May 5, 2012

Chinese Noodles

Chinese Noodles, available from a local Chinese lady who makes them herself. These Chinese Noodles are made from flour, mixed up with egg and water into a firm dough. From the dough, bits are taken out and stretched out between thumb and index finger of both hands into long stringy noodles. The dough is so stretchy it stretches out it self. Chinese girls really know how to do this stuff, you should watch them.
See this guy doing it with the whole dough, it is an amazing site:

The original color is white-ish, the color of the flour dough. But the local Chinese lady probably adds yellow food color to make them look the way they look in this picture.
The Chinese lady sells the noodles only. Once brought home, vegetables and chicken (whatever people like best) is added to prepare a meal out of them.

One good way to prepare a noodle meal is to fry some well-marinated chicken with black pepper and canola oil, fry cut bits of carrots, lettuce and green pepper and mix everything with the noodles in a pan and cook/fry for a few minutes while mixing the ingredients with the noodles.

Quickly prepared and taste delicious!


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